September 2012

Chrisanne Cards & Gifts Paints NYC with Watercolor Collection at The 2012 National Stationery Show

Chrisanne Robertson being interviewed after the Smithsonian inquired about her launch. (c) All rights reserved *Photo courtesy of Kissing LIons Public Relations

Chrisanne Robertson being interviewed after the Smithsonian inquired about her launch. (c) All rights reserved *Photo courtesy of Kissing LIons Public Relations


Milwaukee based artist Chrisanne Robertson, CEO of Chrisanne Robertson, LLC, launches Chrisanne Cards & Gifts, a trove of original mixed media watercolor designs at the National Stationery Show held at the Javits Center in New York City on May 20th until May 23rd, 2012.  Chrisanne, known for capturing quirky subjects in moments of enchantment for all occasions and cityscapes in watercolor wash and calligraphic lines, has most recently been commissioned to illustrate New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco for a private patron.  The illustrations are destined to illuminate luxury wares in airport concessionaires such as iPad skins, tote bags and mugs.  Chrisanne’s fine art has been featured in DeLind Gallery and Fanny Garver Gallery.  City commissions included in her artistic accomplishments include Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee, and soon the Quad Cities for the 2012 Fall Tree Festival.

Stationery enthusiasts attending this year’s events will be able to view the line of Chrisanne Gifts & Cards inspired by a lavish description in Daphne du Maurier’s famous book, ‘Rebecca’, a favorite from childhood.  A mirage of kicky globally-inspired lifestyle images are paired with poems, intimate messages, announcements and greetings. Chrisanne customizable ornaments, wallpaper designs and all season greeting cards will be available.  The anticipated 11,000 + collectors and attendees are encouraged to show interest in commissions, paintings, books, and cards by purchasing, making appointments and placing orders.  A charitable precept accompanies Chrisanne Gifts & Cards; 10% of all purchases are donated to ocean conservancy, specifically Surfrider and Oceana organizations, 501(c)(3) not-for-profits with a mission to protect the Ocean and wildlife for future generations.

Aside from the inspired motifs of décor and gift items to be showcased at the Javits, the 5 year seasonal Sacred Artist resident for Riverbank East Catholic churches delights with her design of a 2012 Advent Calendar as a part of her launch, a much anticipated sweet treat compatible with the animated ornaments.  Following the Stationery show items will be available at Chrisanne Robertson’s online shop and, as well as select retailers.

The artist recalls the sentiment that inspired Cinnamon Christmas, Robertson’s first illustrated children’s book, and the colorful montage that makes up her gift collection.  “As a painter and illustrator, I secretly long for my visuals to morph into the physical realm,” says the artist, “…I've made a daily practice of recording life's little moments.  I set down on paper people's fashion personalities, cast-offs from my garden, some witty quip overheard in a coffee shop, all of it...quirky and profound.”  Private works are now available for licensing.

Her best-selling gift designs during her years at luxury establishment George Watts & Son, as well as Joseph’s Jewelers of Des Moines, both who have been in business for over one hundred years, are a proven track record of her experience.  Completed works include a Peggy Karr glass platter for the 2010 Equestrian Games, for tony retailer LV Harkness of Lexington, Kentucky; Steuben Glass, Orrefors Swedish votives, Des Moines Platter and Polish-made ornaments.  Chrisanne looks to maintain the reputation that precedes her and continue to create art that is cherished every day.

Chrisanne has a B.S. in Art History, Painting and Printmaking and over two decades of lending her creative talents and experience to empower the marketing, design and creative strategy of specialty retailer George Watts & Son with whom she still maintains a positive relationship.  The Wisconsin based designer has been an artistic contributor for the ArtPop Charity Benefit to benefit the Milwaukee AIDS project as well as Survival Revival, a thrift-fashion project to support the LGBT community. She teaches seasonally at Golda Meir School for the Gifted & Talented.  Chrisanne will be the 2012 Feature Artist at the prestigious Wisconsin Wine & Dine and currently lives in Wisconsin managing Chrisanne Gifts & Cards flagship, gallery shows along with an emphasis on commissions for the private collector as well as municipalities.

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The Old School House

The Old School House/GrrrPrrrI am pretty sure I was awkward (vs. cool), waiting in anticipation of the stranger who invited me to the repurposed school house on Prince and Mott. I found myself in a sea of hipsters, Euro-creatives, artists and Rastas. Each room offered a varied style of mild visual debauchery, (compared to the original values dominated by the grounds, I imagine). Decidedly, it was a much more appropriate creative stomping ground than a disciplined one. Just like in school I wrote on the chalkboards only this time the colors were rainbow. Tatted fashionistas strolled through as if it were their world. Indeed it was but their shade of neurosis fell into installations, suspended mannequins, first dates and groups of friends huddled in smoky social clouds. I knew my ability to believe could leave me in stasis for abnormal amounts of time so I just dumbly waited for my stranger, chatting with the people who seemed more cool in their skin than I was. Art and boldness lived around each curve, scribbles became charming and the most simple tools began to draw a new global religion of purpose. I opted to view the rhetoric inspired by the take-over as an invitation to consider the possibilities…if I could only remember this was my world - what would I do with a brick building that used to be a Catholic School? I walked away remembering why I love New York, somehow soothed and happy to return home.

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