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Ingenuity trumps what the common man refers to as currency.

We’re only here for about 80-100 years so we should make it count.

Kissing Lions Public Relations

Conscious Media. Narrative Intelligence. Authentic Communication.
Kahshanna Evans

I am a narrative junkie and have been involved in media my entire adult life. I think ingenuity trumps what the common man refers to as currency. We’re only here for about 80-100 years so we should make it count.
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We are guilty as charged with promoting social change and doing business with heart. Here are a few bold leaders in social change we love: Walk of Art/Walk of Art Kids, The Future Project and SASF.
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Our Lab

A successful pitch-turned-placement we are still beaming about for a new Style Network design show aired February, 2013. This is where we work! After recent renovations this space still makes us do the ‘happy dance’.
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What’s the destiny of your digital footprint?


We build media muscles

At Kissing Lions we help build media muscles. Our services include media outreach, editorial calendar support and public relations management rooted in the culture of our clients. We have succeeded in reaching key media channels for brands who took their first strides in being visible, even after years of dormancy. It’s an incredible era for releasing relevant company news, so let’s take advantage of it. We think you have everything to gain by expanding your reach and telling your story. We’re not B2B, we’re B2M, Business-to-Media.

New media & content

We believe in new media chi. Brand narrative is visible in every article, video, social media profile and online commentary made by key players for your brand. While it’s the superficial highway for many who don’t have holistic goals it’s the super highway for brands looking to be influential and continue dialogues that matter about topics that impact us all. We have experience in film production, so video content we produce is carefully designed to tell your story. It’s an opportunity to be human. We’re in. Are you?

Social engagement programs

What would web 3.0 be without programs to socially engage your influencers? We create events to help connect your key players to new business prospects. We believe these events are an essential offline part of your story and that these moments are worth documenting, that way the narrative continues. We like to remind our clients to consider complementary, related fields of expertise may be the perfect partners to collaborate with for staying social, beyond the workplace.

Collaborative Partnerships

We like to remind our clients to consider the importance of strategic allies in complementary, related fields of expertise.  It’s a great way to stay social beyond the workplace and have key players get involved in meaningful projects that show the world your brand is a thought leader and your team cares.

At Kissing Lions we help build media muscles.

Conscious Media

We develop, manage and produce meaningful projects.



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In the city that never sleeps, we always dream.

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