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Fierce yet lovable media strategy.

What began as developmental support for small business owners and seasonal needs of small businesses, artists and entrepreneurs resulted in Kissing Lions Public Relations, a boutique media hub headquartered in Manhattan.  The brand supports niche influencers, nascent products and services, and emerging brands through content production, media outreach, influencer marketing, and overall strategy.

We have worked with Soho Contemporary Art for the Ringo Starr Peace & Love Exhibition and Sale.  We have curated/co-produced a mini-documentary for a private tech project that featured Wyclef Jean, among other projects.  We delighted in supporting clients to include the 2016 True Beauty Women’s Celebration, MWD Lifestyles/Weddings by MWD Lifestyles, ThetaHealing© NYC Wellness Center and School, PUNTO Space, Mommi-POP, The Brown Crayon Project, HolistiCitiLyfe Wellness & Travel, and Criterium-Tauscher Cronacher.

We bring the combined skills developed working for over a decade in fashion, wellness (and both sides of the camera) for film & television to our approach to publicity and professionalism.  We have managed creative services and social media for former employers and are currently expanding our vision to groom artists and entrepreneurs.  We aim to create an established media presence by organically implementing visibility campaigns, maintaining a holistic approach to image development, and creating an authentic branding process through varied media platforms.  We recognize that offering extra support during business growth spurts is a niche that large agencies often don’t make time for.

We advise our clients with tailored strategy on integrating new and healthy media habits that equates to long-term visibility and increased trust in the brand.  The heart of our profession is not all business, however.  Supporting humanitarian causes when possible and mentoring nurtures deeper meaning and makes business a pleasure.  We are a friend to Walk of Art/Walk of Art Kids, The Future Project, and SASF. Concierge is proud to have been a Bronze sponsor for the 2016 ILEA Big Apple Awards this year at The Space.